Board of Directors


The "Friends of the Fine Arts Center" Board of Directors is made up of a variety of folks from throughout the three-county area who all have one thing in common --- an appreciation for the arts.

Whether a preference for the visual or performing arts, Board members understand the pivotal role the FAC plays in providing Accesss to the Arts for audiences of all generations drawn from throughout the Valley.

Beginning in the fall, Board members each serve a three-year term with an understanding of expectations to be three-fold --- support, engagement and advocacy. Each in their own way, Board members help carry and promote the story of the Fine Arts Center - as a great venue for the finest in national and international artists and performers -- out into the community.


Neal Abraham
Saami Bloom
Jeff Blaustein
Rosemary Caine
Lori Divine
Linda Edwards
JoAnne J. Finck
Manuel Frau-Ramos, Ed. D
Michael Gove
Madelyn Bonnot Griffin
Shelley Holzman, Past Chair
John Kendzierski
Michael Kusek
Julie Roman Lackner
Barbara Lucey
Beckie Markarian  
Tony Maroulis, Chair
Kimberly May, M.D.
Shardool Parmar 
Justin M. Pelis 
Terry Peters 
Maureen Raab 
Laura Radwell
Cheryl Scully 
Michael J. Simolo, Esq.
Christine Sulborski
Aaron M. Sundberg 
Rhonda Venne 
Katherine E. Vorwerk

Emeritus Members

Barbara C. Bernard
Honore David
Betsy Egan
Carl Eger
Seymour Frankel
Ian Fraser
Lori Friedman
J. Lynn Griesemer
Alfred L. Griggs
Joan Haley
Nancy Hamel
Merilee Hill
Bill Hogan
Motoko Inoue
Dolly Jolly
Betsy Loughran
James Mallet
Greg Malynoski
Dave Martula
Carol Moore Cutting
Kathleen Mullin
Sandra Parent
Lorna Peterson
Sharon Rogalski         
Frederick C. Tillis,
Director Emeritus
Zina Tillona
Rob Yacubian


Honorary Members

Nnenna Freelon
Mike Haley
Jimmy Heath
Sheila Jordan
Stan Rosenberg
Billy Taylor
Peter Tolan
Lois Torf
George Trakas