Dialogue with a Collection: Elizabeth Stone

September 5 – October 14, 2012s
Elizabeth Stone

This exhibition is part of a series of exhibitions at the University Museum of Contemporary Art in which artists are encouraged to integrate their own works with pieces they select from the museum's works-on-paper collection, which includes over 2600 contemporary prints, drawings, and photographs. In the 1960s, UMass art teacher Walter Kamys started the collection which was shaped and shown over 5 decades by subsequent directors Hugh Davies, Helene Posner, Betsy Siersma, and currently, Loretta Yarlow. Dialogue With a Collection offers the rare opportunity to showcase artworks owned by UMass, and a platform for invited local artists to present their work.

Artist’s Statement
A woman’s relationship to her body through the stages of life is a subject of my art exploration and of this Dialogue with the Collection at the University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMass. The four seasons of life from emergence in childhood through the body awareness of maturity, the disintegration of old age and the final physical transcendence of death recur as a universal theme in art history.
Throughout my 15 year art career I have been preoccupied with depicting the figure and portrait as an expression of inner nature. This preference guided my selections from the UMCA’s archives. I have focused on the female figure in this exhibit while incorporating the predominantly male gaze of the UMCA’s collection. 
The contrast of clothing/concealing the body with unveiling/revealing the body is a corollary theme of the exhibition. Clothing can reveal the self as effectively as the gesture of a nude body or the expression on a face. It offers the aesthetic delight of color, texture and movement as well as mystery to a work of art. “Everything we see hides another thing,” said Rene Magritte, “we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. “ 
Thanks to the UMCA, especially Museum Director Loretta Yarlow, Education Curator Eva Fierst, and Registrar Justin Griswold, for allowing me this pleasurable opportunity to immerse in the University of Massachusetts’ archived collection of art. The opportunity to curate an exhibit from the collection is empowering in a way I have seldom felt in my art life. Discovering the work of artists known and unknown who have explored the human figure gives context to my own work.  
                         Elizabeth Stone



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