Jeronimo Elespe: Paintings

September 18 - October 31, 2004
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Jeronimo Elespe is also Spanish, but belongs to the artistic generation following Plensa's. The presentation of his oil paintings comprises nearly 80 extremely small aluminum panels, typically less than one-inch square. Elespe's imagery is of ordinary scenes, fragments clipped from daily life: A tree branch in full blossom, a lonely cup on a table, the head of a snorkler just above the water line. Viewed individually, the cropped images range from quirky to enigmatic, but the artist's intention is to have the panels read as verses like those of a poem. It was Luis Borges who wrote that "all of the things that are next to each other constitute the universe" implying that meaning or understanding resides in the spaces between one thing and the next. Elespe touches upon this notion in leaving the relationship between these visually rendered thoughts or impressions to personal interpretation. Meaning becomes as unique and as plentiful as fingerprints in that the intervals where it resides depends upon a combination of the viewer's participation, memory, and imagination.

Jeronimo Elespe was born in Madrid in 1975, and lives and works in New York. He received his MFA from Yale University in 2001 and is represented by Von Lintel Gallery, New York. Elespe's work is included in the exhibition About Painting currently on view through September 26 at The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York ( A catalogue, with the artist's collaborations, will be published by the University Museum of Contemporary Art during the fall semester, 2004.



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