Nina Payne
Over & Over: Works in Waxed Linen

September 7 - October, 1996
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The works included in Nina Payne Over & Over: Works in Waxed Linen were made betweeen 1988 and 1996, and provide a sampling of the gentle and dignified spirit that charaterizes Payne's art. Photographs of Spine, and an essay inspired by this work by Nancy Sherman have been published in The Massachusetts Review, Summer, 1996. The following is the artist's statement as it appears in that issue:

The small oval forms in the Spine series are crocheted from waxed linen. In crochet, one loop is pulled through another loop to form a line of stitches that build in rows--in a manner similar to the act of writing from left to right--or in a circle of stitches that spiral out and around. A particular shape emerges as a result of increasing, decreasing, or repeating the number of stitches in any given round. Here, the finished forms are attached to a base of willow and the strings of their beginnings and their endings are left hanging, along with the strings that hold them in place. It is all a process of going around in circles, stitch by stitch, round by round, and that is the basis of the work I do.

Nina Payne is a resident of Amherst and has been a Professor of creative Writing at Hampshire College since 1976. All the Day Long, a collection of her poems, was published in 1973 (New York: Atheneum Publishers) and Four in All is a forthcoming publication (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux). Her poems have appeared in a variety of literary journals over the past 20 years. She began working with waxed linen in 1969 and, since that time, fiber work has become her central artistic focus.


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