Take A Seat!
Lynn Peterfreund & Sally Clegg

Lynn Peterfreund & Sally Clegg "Index"

Leverett, MA


Website: www.lynnpeterfreund.com | www.sallyclegg.com

Artist's Statement

This chair is a result of a sequential pictoral conversation between Lynn Peterfreund and Sally Clegg, both painter/printmakers.
Sally shares part of Lynn’s studio. making this collaboration a natural, easy process. Each addition to this collage of images was a response to what each artist found added to the chair. As we both enjoy non-sequiturs that might have conscious or unconscious logic , the resulting pastiche is curiously  connected.

Lynn Petefreund and Sally Clegg also both work at Zea Mays Printmaking, a safe process workshop in Florence. Both artists have exhibited nationally and internationally.

Please see their website resumes for more information.

Take a Seat!

40 local artists and designers creatively paint, decorate, cut, drill, and embellish 40 chairs. The exhibition culminates in a fundraising party and silent auction of the chairs on February 28, 2016. Exhibition runs January 27 – February 28, 2016
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Take a Seat!

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