Take A Seat!
Rita Edelman

Rita Edelman "Graffiti"

Hadley, MA


Artist's Statement

I was delighted to be invited to “do something with a chair” project.  I love doing things I have never done before.  I was intrigued  with the idea.  I started collecting thoughts…  chopping or replacing legs, nail heads on the seat, holes, hand painted upholstery, etc.  It never dawned on me the chair would have metal legs and a bent wood seat  and back…. and should be able to be sat on.  I had to rethink… The little chair was a beauty.  Very graceful, beautiful lines.  Time was short for me.  I knew I would loose at least a month of working as I would be on vacation…… what to do?….. I felt I had to stay in a format I was familiar with.  The plan I decided to work with was the ‘theme’ I was using in my current paintings.   That at least was a beginning.  I took lots of photos of the chair in many different angles, upside down and looking at the shadows the slit made…. still thinking….  Time to go on vacation.  I packed plenty of paper and pencils.   While away I did 30 sketches  of the the project. One image kept coming up that was the germ of an idea and seemed to work the best…. how to proceed?  I decided to work with a Dremel and carve into this lovely wood. 

It  became an interesting project.  I finished it on time …and then the deadline got changed.  I could do more carving but I felt I had maintained the integrity of the chair and wanted it to remain simple. 

Post script. 

With a new deadline, I got curious about doing a rubbing of the carvings. Having had almost no experience in this art form, I liked the challenge.  After much trial and error and many ‘drawings’ with different tools and different papers I did succeed with something of interest to me.  As a project for the near future I plan to carve 1 or 2 panels and do some ‘drawings/rubbings’ and see where it will take me.

Rita Edelman

Take a Seat!

40 local artists and designers creatively paint, decorate, cut, drill, and embellish 40 chairs. The exhibition culminates in a fundraising party and silent auction of the chairs on February 28, 2016. Exhibition runs January 27 – February 28, 2016

Sally Curcio "Ceci est une chaise. Il rêve de devenir un violoncelle."

Take a Seat!

Taiga Ermansons "Onyx"




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Join us as we close this exhibition with a silent auction of these amazing works of art.

Sunday, February 28, 2016
5–7:30 p.m.

University Museum of Contemporary Art

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The evening includes sumptuous edible creations by award-winning UMass Catering Services, music by UMass’ finest musicians, and a beer and wine cash bar.

Did you find the chair of your dreams?
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Proceeds from this event will support the University Museum of Contemporary Art, an important educational resource for our community