Take A Seat!
Katie Richardson

Katie Richardson "Expose and Envelop"
Katie Richardson  "Expose and Envelop"

Hadley, MA

"Expose and Envelop"

Website: www.katierart.com | www.bluebarnartstudios.com

Artist's Statement

I create abstract, organic sculpture that explores the body, the home and the intersections between them. My current interests revolve around science, technology and the body, exploring ideas of embodiment, disease and subjectivity. Using form and material to consider the blurred boundaries between safety and danger, inside and outside, self and other, my work aims at a contemplative and visceral response.  What is inside us that we can really call our own? What protects us?

Katie Richardson is a Hadley artist who works in glass, steel and other materials. She creates sculpture and installation, as well as housewares and accessories through her business Blue Barn Studios. 

Take a Seat!

40 local artists and designers creatively paint, decorate, cut, drill, and embellish 40 chairs. The exhibition culminates in a fundraising party and silent auction of the chairs on February 28, 2016. Exhibition runs January 27 – February 28, 2016
Lynn Peterfreund & Sally Clegg "Index"

Take a Seat!

Chloe So & Shawn Wang "Thinking Chair"