Online Project Space — Virtual Exhibitions


The UMCA Online Project Space serves as a laboratory where dialogue and multi-disciplinary practices are explored and tested. It serves as a showcase for a variety of Art History class projects that may or may not be related to the UMCA’s exhibitions. It provides a platform for student essays, virtual exhibitions with interactive content, research results, intellectual inquiry, and collaboration with other institutions. This space stretches conventional approaches to teaching, learning, and to our visual culture. Although the Online Project Space does not replace the experience of a museum visit to see original works of art, the digital exhibition offers access to global collections and intellectual collaboration.
If you are interested in creating an online project please contact Amanda Herman our Education Curator.

  Dis/playing Dis/abilities
  (Dis)ability and Literature
  Spring 2017
  Drawing Connections   
  Drawing in Contemporary Art
  Spring 2017
  Spatial Symphony
Amanda Bertizlian
Fall 2015
  Wunder UMass .    
  Rachel Mathison
  Fall 2015 
Portraits, Power, and Persuasion:    

Portraits, Power, and Persuasion: Chuck Close Photographs and Roman Portraiture

Ashley Williams
Fall 2015
Diana Al Hadid  

Making Their Mark

Curated by Pauline M. Miller
Artist Prints from the UMCA Exit ART Portfolio Collection

Fall 2014
Emulation Online Project  


Emulation and Repetition in 19th Century Art
19th Century Art History Students
Kimsooja Response Project  

In Response to Kimsooja
Essays by Art History Students

Circles, Triangles, and Squares   Circles, Triangle, and Squares
Curated by Kim Carlino
Have You Seen This Guy's Work?  

Have You See This Guy's Work?
Curated by Soft Spot
Warhol Online Project