Contact Information

Lost and Found

Box Office  413-545-2511 email:


Jamilla Deria, Director, 1 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-3517
Debbie Weyl, Assistant to the Director, 1 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-3517
Lise Suino, Deputy Director, 9 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-5611

Box Office

143B Randolph W. Bromery Center for the Performing Arts, 151 Presidents Dr; voice: 413-545-2511
Justus Quimby, Box Office Manager, Bromery Center Lobby

Business Office

16 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-1945  fax: 413-545-0132,


3 Curry Hicks
Emily Eagan, Associate Director of Development,


2 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-3671  fax: 413-545-0132
Sean Glennon, Director of Marketing and Communications, 9C Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-4159
Steve Robbins, Marketing Manager, 15 Curry Hicks; voice: 413- 545-4482
Samantha Valletta, Marketing Assistant, Performin Arts, 13 Curry Hicks; voice 413-545-9125
Lucy Norton, Marketing Assistant, Visual Arts,


060b Randolph W. Bromery Center for the Performing Arts; voice: 413-577-0480  fax: 413-545-2018
Erica McIntyre, Associate Director of Production, 060b Bromery Center; voice: 413-545-1132
Sam Johnson, Audio/ Visual Director, 060b Bromery Center; voice: 413-545-1793
Bob Mahnken, Assistant Technical Director, 060b Bromery Center; voice: 413-577-1571

4 Curry Hicks
Sean Conlon, Associate Director of Operations; voice: 413-545-0192
Audience Services Manager; voice: 413-545-0498

Community Engagement and Creative Wellness

Anna T Robbins, Assoc. Director, Curry Hicks, Room 10; 413-545-4253
Elizabeth Gittens, Director of Education and Engagement, Curry Hicks, Room 9D; 413-545-0579

Performing Arts

15 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-0190   fax: 413-545-0132
Michael Sakamoto, Performing Arts Curator/Director of Asian and Asian American Arts and Culture Program, 9A Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-1980
Hillary Rathbun, Program Manager, 2 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-4160

2 Curry Hicks
Sarah Aldrich, Performing Arts Administrative Manager; voice 413-545-4155

Jazz In July
David Picchi, Director, Jazz in July, 10 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-4158

Visual Arts

Augusta Savage Gallery
103 New Africa House; voice: 413-545-5177   fax: 413-577-2900 
Anne LaPrade Seuthe, Interim Associate Director, 103 New Africa House; voice: 413-545-5177

Hampden Gallery
16 Curry Hicks; voice: 413-545-3394   fax: 413-577-2787
Sally Curcio, Associate Director, 413-545-3394

University Museum of Contemporary Art
35 Randolph W. Bromery Center for the Performing Arts

Amanda Herman , Interim Director, 413-545-1176, 

Lyle Denit , Facilities and Installation Manager, 413-545-1177,

Jennifer Lind , Collection Manager and Registrar, 413-545-1986,

Savannah Perez , Education Coordinator,