About Production Crew


The theater is not a union shop. Crews are made up of students. However, cooperative arrangements have been worked out in the past between Yellow Card companies, University sponsoring groups, and IATSE Local 232 Amherst/ Northampton. Most of the students have worked on crews backstage for at least one year. Because they are students, we cannot guarantee their presence at all rehearsals and performances; substitutions may be necessary. There has always been enough continuity between rehearsals and performances to ensure a smooth run.

All University equipment will be set up, operated and struck only by FAC crews under the supervision of the FAC stage manager. Under NO circumstances will members of the performing group or the university sponsoring group be allowed access to the stage or stage equipment unless a designated FAC staff member is present.


The theater can provide little in the way of scenery or props. We do have limited shop facilities available for maintenance and repair of scenery or other equipment. Consumable supplies, i.e. gel, masking tape, soldering supplies, screws, etc. are available from local stores; items of a purely theatrical nature may be obtained from local suppliers. If such items are to be supplied by your sponsor, they must be notified well in advance.


A list of your technical needs and any questions you may have should be addressed to:


Room 060b Randolph W. Bromery Center for the Performing Arts
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

E-mail: facops@umass.edu

Frederick C. Tillis Performance Hall available upon request:

1 - Map of location of the Randolph W. Bromery Center for the Performing Arts Tillis Hall

2 - Plan of Tillis Hall

3 - Section of Tillis Hall

4 - Lineset Plot of Tillis Hall

5 - Orchestra Hang/ Lineset Plan of Tillis Hall

6 - Seating Chart of Tillis Hall

Bowker Auditorium available upon request:

1 - Map of location of the Stockbridge Bowker Auditorium

2 - Plan of Bowker Auditorium

3 - Section of Bowker Auditorium

4 - Lineset Plot of Bowker Auditorium

5 - Orchestra Hang/ Lineset Plan of Bowker Auditorium

6 - Seating Chart of Bowker Auditorium