Asian Arts & Culture Program

The Asian Arts & Culture Program

Arts that Illuminate & Enlighten

Our Mission: To provide an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the artistic and cultural heritages of Asia and the Middle East.

Our History: Since 1993, the Asian Arts & Culture Program at the Fine Arts Center has presented unique and exemplary events from Asia and the Middle East.  By showcasing the highest caliber of traditional and contemporary artists and scholars in concerts and performances, festivals, inter-generational community events, international and regional cultural education tours, film screenings, lectures and interactive presentations, the program has extended the cultural and artistic horizons of audiences.

Each presentation traces the roots and migration pathways of people across the globe, to provide an awareness and appreciation of Asian and Middle Eastern arts, culture and heritage.  The program envisions and embraces the concept that the Arts enrich the body, soul and mind: the yearly season includes a varied palette of events by world famous artists for audiences to enjoy and experience.

A collaborative approach to programming maintains historic partnerships with public and private schools, and  community organizations in the Pioneer Valley along with academic departments in the Five Colleges. More...

Defining the Diversity in the Arts

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