UMass Arts Council relies upon Volunteers to conduct Grant Reviews.  Volunteer Grant Review Committee members will review grant applications, discuss them with fellow committee members and Fine Arts Center staff and make funding recommendations. Each committee is represented by faculty, staff and students and there are seven funding cycles, three in the Fall Semester and four in the Spring Semester.  Committee members are assigned based upon schedule availability and do not need to serve on all four reviews.
The Arts Council does not have full-time staff.  To express your interest in volunteering, please email the Arts Council, acouncil@admin.umass.edu .


Contact Information:

Voice: (413) 545-0202
Fax:    (413) 545-0132
Email: acouncil@acad.umass.edu  

The Arts Council does not have full-time staff.  Please leave your message or send an email and a staff member will contact you.

Mailing Address:

UMass Arts Council
10 Curry Hicks - 100 Hicks Way
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003-9267


Next Grant Deadline

FALL 2017:
9/13/2017 for events after 9/26/2017;
10/11/2017 for events after 10/24/2017;
11/8/2017 for events after 11/21/2017

SPRING 2018:
1/24/2018 for events after 2/6/2018;
2/21/2018 for events after 3/6/2018;
3/14/2018 for events after 3/27/2018

All grants are due at noon on the day of the deadline