The Eclectic Ambassadors of Love

Arab & North Africa Music Project

APR 3, 7:30PM

Bowker Auditorium

$30, $15; FC, GCC, STCC and 17 & under $10

New Generation - New Day - New Sound

TEAL-One97 is an all-star rock music collective created by a new generation of American maestros of Middle Eastern and North African descent. With multilingual vocals, groovy global rhythms, and transcendent melodies, this group creattes a uniquely hip soundscape that pays homage to each artist’s ethnic and American musical heritage. Inspired by the global emanations of the Arab Spring, this dynamic combo debuts in 2012 with a powerful message of hope and positive change for a new generation and a new day, worldwide. In fact their flagship sond and debut album are both titled new Day on the Horizon.  The sindle was composed by the luminaty composer and music producer Dawn Elder. 

In October of 2012, the group’s first major public performance received rave reviews at the One World Concert featuring the Dalai Lama, and other celebrities including Dave Mathews, Counting Crows, David Crosby, Roberta Flack, Nelly Furtado, Andy Grammer, and Angélique Kidjo at the Syracuse University Carrier Dome.

Why TEAL-One97?

There are 196 nations on our planet. “One 97” is an addition—the one that includes all the others. TEAL—The Eclectic Ambassadors of Love—is a playful statement of the band’s deepest purpose. The color teal,a bluish green, signifies trustworthiness and reliability and is believed to encourage spiritual development. Over the years, teal has been associated with cultural and religious movements involving the evolution and spread of knowledge and humanity. For these musicians, Teal signifies peace and compassion, and the love they believe is key to solving the world’s most intractable problems.

Ranging from the sweet sounds of the Oud to pop and driving Rai-rock, the TEAL-One97: Arab & North Africa Music Project highlights the full range of Arab music combining the best known male and female young musicians from Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon on tour as one ensemble. These musicians are the embodiment of a new generation of Arab and Arab-American artists, a generation that not only brings together elements of both cultures in their music/lyrics, but also creates a new brand of music that is uniquely hip and equally innovative―music that is neither Westernized Arabic nor Arabized Western, but something brand new. With a focus on the ideas of “us” and “today,” these songs speak for freedom and choices.

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