National Acrobats of China

Martial Arts, Music, Acrobatics and Illusion!

National Acrobats of China

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fine Arts Center Concert Hall   7:30 pm
$35, $20, $15; Five College students & Youth 17 and under, $15

Highly skilled, rigorously trained and superbly talented, the National Acrobats of China are part of an ancient tradition of arts that has been practiced since 700 B.C. In China, acrobatic performances date back to annual village harvest celebrations. The village people would show off their skills by performing intricate and difficult feats using household tools and items found around their farm and workshop. Today, the fabulous choreography, amazing lighting, enchanting scenery and powerful music enhance the modern-day performance. These astounding athletes undertake feats ranging from gravity-defying balancing acts and spine-bending contortions to stunts such as foot juggling, chair stacking and plate spinning. Join us to be thrilled by the best acrobatic troupes in the world!

Co-presented with Center Series