FRI, April 13, 7pm                 

Pierre Rouzier - Umass medical doctor and author inspires us to get moving as he reads his children's book "Henry Gets Moving" and discusses his life-changing cross country bike trip in the summer of 2016. Dr. Rouzier is the university’s Director of Athletic Medicine, and served the Indian Health Service at the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona. He was also the Assistant Director at St. Mary’s Family Practice Residency in Grand Junction, CO. He has been a featured speaker for organizations including the American College of Sports Medicine; the American College Health Organization; Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education; and numerous medical schools and training programs. Prior to medical school, he was a high school teacher and coach. Dr. Rouzier enjoys mountain biking, road cycling and cross country skiing and traveling.

The Art of Brewing – founders of Element Brewing in Millers Falls, Daniel Kramer and Benjamin Anhalt share their secrets behind the art and science of making great beer! It’s easy to be passionate about beer, but at Element, the founders’ passions can be found in the art and science that makes great beer possible. As they say, “We brew precise beer. We advance brewing technology so beer drinkers can reach new levels of enjoyment. Science and art are our inspiration, philosophy and methodology for studying, testing and advancing beer drinkers’ experience – in the bar and at home.”