UMass Arts Council Grants

Grants may be used for funding of a wide range of arts-related projects or events (including series) that involve or benefit other members of the UMass community. Projects are generally funded at no more than 30% of the total project budget. Projects that are managed or co-managed by students are accorded priority. This provides students with opportunities to learn about all aspects of arts programming from program design and grant writing to publicity and program presentation. Council grants support programs in virtually every arts discipline: music, dance, theater, interdisciplinary performances, visual arts, film and video, literary publications, and lecture series. Because grants are competitive, the quality of presentation, innovative programming, well-prepared budgets, and citation of matching funds play important roles in the funding decisions.

The UMass Arts Council offers the following types of grants

Single Project/Event Grants

  • Support a single arts-related project, event or series.
  • Maximum award of $2,000 per event.
  • Please note, individuals are NOT eligible.


  • Support small art events on campus.
  • Maximum award of $750.
  • Individuals may be eligible to apply if they meet all other requirements.



Grants are awarded to:

  • groups and organizations that are affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Amherst and involve UMass students through program management, participation and/or as an audience in arts-related events.
  • applicants with a GOF (general operating fund) or revenue accepting fund.

Examples of eligible organizations include registered student organizations, academic departments, and cultural centers.

Although individuals are not eligible to apply for grants, those who are sponsored by academic departments, RSOs (registered student organizations) and other campus groups who meet all other criteria may be eligible for Mini-Grants (but not Single Projects/Events grants).

The Arts Council is not able to support fundraising and profit-making events.

Funding Criteria - The Council prefers to fund proposals that:

  • demonstrate strong artistic merit
  • originate with student groups
  • are held on campus, except in unusual circumstances
  • involve several different organizations
  • demonstrate good organization and planning
  • have realistic budgets that have multiple funding sources
  • have the support of an academic department, RSO or other campus group
  • have a high impact to the UMass/arts community and/or contribution to the art form
  • take accessibility into consideration (could include approachability, access, and/or ability)
  • speak to the mission of the Arts Council


  1.  Council funds may not be used to support wages, salaries or honoraria for UMass students, staff or faculty; hospitality, such as transportation, receptions, and hotel accommodations; and fundraising activities.
  2. Applicants may not apply for the same program or event in both the Single Projects/Events category and the Mini-Grant category, unless referred by the Council.
  3. Grants are awarded to groups and organizations that are affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and have a GOF or revenue accepting fund (speed type, dept. ID and fund numbers are requested on cover sheet). Funds are processed and dispersed only through the University Accounting system.
  4. Incomplete applications are unlikely to be funded.
  5. Applications must be received by noon on the due date to be considered. Late proposals will be considered at the next funding cycle, provided the project does not begin before the notification date of that cycle.

Application Process and Deadlines
Determine your eligibility:

  • I represent a UMass group/organization whose project involves UMass students
  • I represent a UMass group/organization that has a GOF or revenue-accepting fund
  • I am an individual applying for a Mini-Grant who is sponsored by an academic department, RSO or other campus group and who meets all other criteria

Note the application deadline. Applications must be received by noon on the due dates listed on this page.

Complete the on-line application. Make sure to have:

  • Completed online form (incomplete applications are unlikely to be funded)
  • Project narrative
  • Accurate and balanced budget (must use provided form)
  • Letter(s) of support      
  • Faculty or Center for Student Development (CSD) Advisor approval
  • Business Manager approval
Grant Application

***The deadline is at Noon on the specified deadline***


Previous Grant Recipients


Tips for applying for funding from the UMass Arts Council
  • Make sure you submit all of the required information.
  • Double-check that your budget is balanced and you are using the correct form.
  • References are recommended, even if not required.
  • Focus on the impact of the project/event (instead of just logistics).
  • Highlight how the project impacts the UMass/arts community.
  • Clarify the quality of the arts experience.
  • Carefully review your complete application before submitting it.
  • Use the budget form provided.
  • Ask for funding for food or receptions.
  • Ask for funding for fundraisers.
A well-crafted grant application can be the key to determining whether you receive funding. Whether you are considering applying for funding from the UMass Arts Council or you are looking to apply to other funding sources, we hope these resources can be helpful in guiding your process.