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BFA Thesis Exhibitions

APRIL 29 - MAY 4

Reception April 29th:  2 PM to 4 PM

Eva Lin Fahey: Origins: It Feels Different With You Here

A BFA Thesis Exhibition

Eva Lin Fahey Artist Statement:

               “Origins: It Feels Different With You Here", consists of abstracted spaces that work to create both a sense of intimacy with the viewer and self-reflective environments focusing on the concept of consanguinity and a sense of personal origin. The spaces created in my work layer figurative imagery or text over shifting backgrounds that evoke the sense of water and fluidity. In my work, this fluid space references the flux of identity linked to origin while simultaneously acting as a protective barrier to the ideas expressed. In these pieces, I am asking the question (to myself and to viewers), Where are you from? In response, the titles of each work are important aspects of each piece. Some of them answer the question in a vague way – A Womb (just like you), while others require more interaction with the piece – Here is the Land I am From.
Despite working around a seemingly easy to answer question – Where are you from?, I have complicated this inquiry to the point of abstraction and incoherence. By obscuring a sense of recognizable space or location, my work aims to dislocate and create the sensation of ambiguous origin. Although some materials I use – silk and porcelain, attempt to engage with my birth country, China, I do so in a superficial way by ignoring traditional use and style. In this sense, the objects and paintings also take on an ambiguous origin (much like ourselves), are they from where the original materials were made or from where they were created into art pieces? Having traveled through the world, how can one pinpoint their exact origin or arrival into being?
               Much of the imagery in this body of work references the fetus in utero. Whether literally showing the fetus or recalling the amniotic fluid that surrounds and protects it, my work utilizes this relationship to gestation in order to explore a more complicated sense of origin.
               Within a larger context, my work aims to consider the creation of the individual while acknowledging complicated group identities in terms of social, racial, and cultural origin. More specifically, as one of the thousands of girls adopted from China, my work examines personal origin from this viewpoint and considers how origin can be more complicated than simply a geographic location.

Eva Lin Fahey Bio:

Eva Lin Fahey primarily works in water-based media to create abstracted, dream-like spaces. These spaces explore the interconnections between family, cultural hybridity, and identity. An adoptee from China, Eva is currently creating work that investigates her complicated
connections to both American and Chinese culture. Outside of the studio, she goes on many adventures with her son Oliver and navigates a complex friendship with her cat Umbra.
Eva Lin Fahey website: http://evalin.xyz/threads

Amy Louise Hambrecht: ¾ Hopeful

A BFA Thesis Exhibition


Amy Louise Hambrecht Short Artist Statement:


3/4 Hopeful explores the institution of marriage and subsequent elements of spiritual, emotional and physical change. Amy Hambrecht reflects on the process of creating a home together with her fiancé and draws inspiration from their dreams for the future. The artist uses her great-grandmother’s handmade pillowcases accompanied by six embroidered linen napkins as a canvas. The imagery reflects intimacy and vulnerability, two components that are commonly associated with marriage. Hambrecht’s great-grandmother, alongside other women from prior generations, skillfully crafted pillowcases with the tatting technique. She draws inspiration from this tradition of tatting and sewing as she prepares to establish her own home with her future husband. Her descendants’ handiwork constitutes a means by which a woman’s traditional role in marriage can be reflected upon. Hambrecht utilizes the pillowcases as a journal to discuss her dreams for the future. She articulates these dreams with ballpoint pen and illustrates images with a push-pull tension through a combination of subtle line work and fully rendered images, representative of the slow, layered actualization of married life. The artist intentionally does not prepare sketches beforehand, instead she relies on her ability to quickly and spontaneously produce unedited freehand drawings. In contrast to the collectivization, or sharing of items that she might find in marriage, the reverse side of the pillowcases reveal a list of items Hambrecht currently owns herself. She uses screen printing to relay the information clearly onto the fabric

Amy Louise Hambrecht Bio:

Amy Louise Hambrecht is a painter working across media, specifically pen, embroidery and paint; she considers a visual language that investigates the inconsistency of time through space.

Hambrecht’s paintings and their collage, ghost-like elements interlock in complex visual fields charged with colliding realms of the unknown and the familiar. Hambrecht will be graduating with a BFA concentration in painting and a minor in Art History. Her long term goal is to establish her name by creating works that share her story.

Amy Hambrecht - https://amyhambrecht.com/



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