Bowker Auditorium Sound & Video

Production Communication

Clear Com headset system - 5 units with belt packs (more available upon request)
Cue & Paging to Dressing Rooms.

Please see FAC Concert Hall Inventory for Microphone, Playback, Monitor, Processing, and all portable equipment and accessory selections. Speaker Systems

Main Cluster

Left/ Center/ Right flown system; each element containing 1 JBL VRX918SP Sub and 3 JBL VRX932LAP.

2 - Community 3 way speakers with a single JBL downfiring frontfill horn, powered by CROWN MacroTech amplifiers, driven by a Shure P4800 4X8 Processor.

Delay System

1 zone of JBL speakers in the Orchestra Pit area and 

3 zones of Altec speakers for Loges and Rear Balcony. 


Sanyo 5000 lumen PLC-XP56 video projector that can be fitted with a short throw lens (.8:1 ratio) and a long throw lens (2.1:1 ratio).
(1) 50-foot and (1) 100-foot VGA cable, male-to-male. (1) 150-foot 5 x BNC cable.
(1) 14ft. wide x 10ft. high front or rear projection screen.

Please note that Bowker and the Concert Hall share this video projector and screen which may limit availability.