Frederick C. Tillis Performance Hall Carpentry

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium: width 58'10 1/2", height 24'0", depth 41'4"

Wing Space: S.R.16'0" max., S.L.15'6" max.

Note: S.L. and S.R. there are balconies 10'3" off the floor which can be obstructions for storage and scenery.

Orchestra Pit: width 33'7", length 13'4"

Note: Orchestra pit can be set at audience level, orchestra level, and stage level only. Not powered by elevator - requires a crew call 


Hall Seating Capacity

1981, 1895 without orchestra pit seats 

Stage Floor

Material - masonite over fir, Color - brown matte, Condition - good 

Dance Floor

7 rolls - 49'6" x 5'3 1/2" (Rosco black/grey) 

House Drapery

House Curtain - Burgundy syn. velour IFR - split traveler with winch handle on the pin rail S.L. It is manually operated and does not fly (dead hung).

Legs - 6 pair - black syn velour IFR flat - 12'x30'

Borders-5- black syn velour IFR - no fullness -10'x60' 

- 1 - black syn velour IFR- no fullness 16'x60'

Full Black -2 - black syn velour IFR, 2 panels - no fullness - 32' W x 30' H each

Scrim - white sharkstooth - 27'6" x 58'8" - black syn IFR sharkstooth - 30'0" x 60'0"

Cyclorama - white - seamless white muslin - 30' x 60' 

Line Set Data

Grid height - 60'

Working height of pipes - 57'0"

Total line sets -

35 double purchase (33 located S.L. and 2 S.R.)

3 Motor Wrench Driven Electrics 2000 lbs. capacity

Arbor capacity SL - 2000 lbs. - (1000 lbs. On Pipes SL)

Arbor capacity SR - 500 lbs. - (250 lbs. on Pipes SR)

Length of pipes - 58'4"

Diameter of pipes - 1 1/2" ID - Schedule 40

Pin Rail - located stage left 10' above stage

Cable Picks - 10 (5 S.R. and 5 S.L.)

Aux. Pin Rail - located S.R. - 2 line sets

Note: The Bromery Center Tillis Hall line set system was installed in a space not originally designed to accommodate line sets.There are some unique features to its operation. If your production is a heavy flying show, please contact our Technical Director prior to your arrival. 

Load in Data

The Tillis Hall loading dock is located two floors above stage level. Normal access is via a freight elevator. There is another entrance to a rampway/staricase combination that gives us a "straight on" access for pieces that will not fit in the freight elevator. A portion of this stairway is removeable with an "overhead gantry" lift track for extra large pieces.

Door size to stage:

width 7'8" , height 8'7"

Freight elevator:

depth10'2" (13' on diag.), height 6'11", width 8'8", capacity 5000 lbs. 

Dressing Rooms

Chorus - 2 - capacity 20 persons each

Principal - 2 - capacity 1 or 2 people max.

Note: All dressing rooms have toilets, a shower, wash basins, tables, mirrors, and clothes racks. Dressing rooms are located one flight up and through a wood shop from the stage. 

Wardrobe Area

There is no wardrobe room at Tillis Hall.

The wood shop has been used as a wardrobe room, it is clean and has direct access to the stage and the dressing rooms.

Irons - 2, Ironing Boards - 2, Washer - 1, Dryer -1 

Note: Company is responsible for providing money and detergent to operate washer/dryer. 

Quick Change Booths

2 - quick change booths can be assembled

Size: width 5' approx., depth 5' approx., height 10' approx. If larger required, we have black pipe and drape


90- Brown Wenger straight back music chairs

100 - Black Wenger straight back music chairs

100 - Wenger black adjustable music stands

40 - music stand lights

2 - one step carpeted podium

1 - two step carpeted podium

1 - conductors music stand 


The theater can provide little or nothing in the way of scenery. Consumable supplies such as gel, gaffers tape, soldering supplies, hardware, etc. may be obtained from local suppliers. If such items are to be supplied by your sponsor, they must be notified well in advance.