Frederick C. Tillis Performance Hall Sound and Video

Production Communication

One channel Clear Com Intercom system with 12 Beyer Headsets and 12 Clear-Com Beltpacks, 3 "Biscuit" speaker stations, 2 Telephone type handsets.
Hardwired stations located S.R., S.L., flyrail, Followspot, Light & Sound Booths.


8 - Shure SM-58
9 - Shure MX418, MX412 (all Supercardioid) 
4 - Shure SM-57
4 - Shure SM-81 
4 - Shure SLX Wireless Microphone Receivers with both SM58 Handheld transmitters and Bodypack transmitters with a variety of microphone options.
3 - EV RE-20
4 - EV 408
8 - Countryman E6 (4-Blk,. 4-Tan)
3 - Countryman B3 (2-Wireless TA4f, 1-XLR)
9 - Various DI boxes
6 - Sennheiser MD 421
6 - Sennheiser 409 U
2 - Sennheiser 441
2 - Sennheiser MD 431
4 - AKC 414 Cond.
1 - AKG D112
5 - Crown PCC 160 mics
60- microphone cable - various lengths 
Misc. stands, booms, desk stands, etc. note. we have no tripod type stands


2 - Technics Professional CD decks
2 - Mini Disk playback, Sony MDS E12 
1 - 360 System Instant Replay machine

Mixing Consoles

1 - Yamaha M7 CL32, 32 input digital audio console with both Digital AND Analog snakes.
1 - Yamaha LS9 16 (16 analog inputs and 16 digital inputs 32 total 16 outs)
1 - SB168-ES for LS9
2 - SB168-ES for M7 CL32
1 - Analog Splitter ART 32 channel (1 isolated out 1 direct out)


The system includes Monoural/ center JBL VerTec 7 line array speakers and a Stereo Playback system of JBL loudspeakers in JBL custom enclosures, Crown amplifiers and BSS Soundweb processors. The component assemblies include a Left/ Center/ Right array design and Subwoofers, flown Front Fill Speakers, Stage Lip orchestra pit speakers and Balcony Delay Speakers. The system may be individually fed Left, Center, Right, Subs and Pit Inputs.

The Center cluster includes seven JBL VT4899 VerTec three way high directivity line array elements and a bi-amped JBL AM6212/95 down fill enclosure. Amplification is provided respectively by six Crown CT-s 600 amplifiers. Both Left and Right Stereo arrays are three way custom enclosures. Each side includes a JBL CST-51DQ Low Frequency enclosure containing four 15” loudspeakers, and both a JBL CSA 0264 bi amplified two way long throw and a JBL AM 6200/95 passive two way short throw High Frequency enclosure. Amplification is provided respectively by two Crown CTs 3000 LF amplifiers, two Crown CTs 1200 amplifiers and one Crown CTs 600 amplifier. The Subwoofers are four JBL ASB 6128 Subwoofers, double 18” enclosures powered by two Crown CTs 3000 amplifiers. The four Front Fill speakers are (1 per side) JBL AM6212/64 and JBL AM6212/00 speakers powered by two Crown CTs 1200 amplifiers. The six Stage Lip speakers are JBL Control 29AV speakers powered by a Crown CTs 1200 amplifier.


4 - JBL Eond 15" Self Powered Speakers
2 - JBL Eon 10" Self Powered Speakers
8 - Klipsch 12" passive wedges (8 amp channels)
6 - RCF NX 12SMA powered wedges 


2 - 40' 12 pair snake 
4 - 40' 6 pair snake 
1 - 200' Whirlwind Cat5 x2 with 6 xlrs
1 - 125' Whirlwind Cat5 x2 with 6 xlrs
 Due to architectural and operational factors, all productions using their own front-of-house sound control console for performances in Tillis Hall must have a 200' audio snake. It is impossible to reach the mix position in the house reserved for this purpose with a shorter snake, and the position cannot be altered. If a show is not carrying enough cable (i.e. snake) we will be happy to assist in getting additional cable. To do this, we must know how many feet are needed and what connector configuration is required. We must have this information at least two weeks before the performance date.


Sanyo 5000 lumen PLC-XP56 video projector that can be fitted with a short throw lens (.8:1 ratio) and a long throw lens (2.1:1 ratio).

(1) 50-foot and (1) 100-foot VGA cable, male-to-male. (1) 150-foot 5 x BNC cable.
(1) 14ft. wide x 10ft. high front or rear projection screen. 

Panasonic 7000 lumen Projector PT-DW740US
(1) 13.5'x24' Screen rear projection only
Please note that Bowker Auditorium and Tillis Hall share this video projector and screen, which may limit availability.