Cambodia Remembered

Angkor Dance Troupe & Monkey Dance Film

Cambodia Remembered

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bowker Auditorium   3:00 pm
$20, $15; Five College/GCC/STCC students/17 & under $15

Julie Mallozzi's award-winning film Monkey Dance documents the lives of three Cambodian-American teenagers coming of age in a world shadowed by their parents' nightmares of the Khmer Rouge. Traditional Cambodian dance links them to their parents" culture, but fast cars, hip consumerism, and new romance pull harder. Gradually coming to appreciate their parents" sacrifices, the three teens find a balance between their parents" dreams and their own.

Angkor Dance Troupe, located in Lowell, Massachusetts, trains young Cambodians to preserve, develop and teach the traditions of Cambodian performance arts thus promoting an increased understanding and appreciation for Cambodian culture through educational programs and professional public performances.