Cuba: Anthropology of a Country

Projected Digital Photographs by Yeraldine Ordoñez

Photographer Yeraldine Ordoñez was born in La Guaira, Venezuela and currently lives in Miami, Florida. Her latest series, Cuba: Anthropology of a Country is a work-in-progress that has been developed over the last two years.  In it, the nightly journeys in Havana fuse with its habitual daytime routines, the human landscape, the every-day bartering of a better life, the ‘Malecon’ life and the aerial photos of a capital city that constructs and deconstructs the habitat where these individuals reside, all come to shape a complex visual and geographic narrative of the happenings in this island.
A self-taught artist, Ordoñez graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Software Development.  Her other major photographic projects include Bridges of Coral Gables (2012), Threads in a City (2010) and Milonga at The Biltmore (2011).