QUANTOPIA: The Evolution of the Internet

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by Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky

Thursday, February 21, 7:30 pm
Bowker Auditorium

Quantopia (formerly called Sonic Web) is a multimedia hip hop concert experience about the history and exponential growth of the Internet. DJ Spooky will create live loops and layers of sound and data visualizations using a one-of-a-kind touch screen instrument designed by Greg Niemeyer, Internet Archive and data artist. The hour-long experience will feature a local string ensemble and a narrator, resulting in a multi-sensory journey. A celebration of the history of the Internet, Quantopia is a tribute to the depth and high stakes of free speech and creative expression involved in our daily use of media.

$35, $20; Five College Students and Youth 17 and Under: $10; Under40TIX $25


Academic Connections: Anthropology; Architecture; Communication; Computer Science; Electrical & Computer Engineering; English; History; Journalism; Music; Philosophy; Social Thought & Political Economy
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