Aaron Diehl: Paradoxes in Performance

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Friday, February 8, 8 pm
Bowker Auditorium

Pianist Aaron Diehl is one of the most sought after jazz virtuosos, consistently playing with what The New York Times describes as “melodic precision, harmonic erudition, and elegant restraint.” For this concert, he shows off his classical training and explores the enigma of improvised music sounding written, and written music sounding improvised. In a program that includes works by Satie, Prokofiev, Glass, Ellington, and many more, Diehl takes us through a tour of how classical and jazz traditions intersect and influence each other.

$35, $25; Five College Students and Youth 17 and Under: $10; Under40TIX $25


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Academic Connections: Afro-American Studies; Anthropology; History; Music
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