Evan Parker/Ned Rothenberg Duo

Two of the greatest reed players of our time.

Evan Parker/Ned Rothenberg Duo

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bezanson Recital Hall   8:00 pm
$10, General Public; $5 students

Two of the greatest reed players of our time. Ben Ratliff in The NY Times, called the pairing, "an ideal partnership." Downbeat described their 2006 Live at Roulette recording as "a hugely exciting encounter that should utterly floor fellow saxophonists." Evan Parker may be the most formidable saxophonist since John Coltrane. “If genius is the sustained application of intelligence," writes Richard Cook, “then Evan Parker merits the epitaph." Born in Bristol, England in 1944, Parker has developed the possibilities of unpremeditated music more deeply than almost anyone. “Other kinds of music might entertain you, cheer you up or pump the blood," writes Manfred Pabst, “but Rothenberg's clarifies the mind and throws your soul wide open."


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