FUBUKI DAIKO: Japanese Drumming & Dance

Performance Series

FUBUKI DAIKO: Japanese Drumming & Dance

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bowker Auditorium   8:00 pm
Adults: $20, $15 Students: $10, $7

Merge the art of traditional Japanese Taiko drumming with influences from Arlo Guthrie and Led Zeppelin; add rigorous choreography and a flair for performance all their own and you have Fubuki Daiko, Canada's hottest emissaries of one of Japan's most renowned performing art form. The group's North American roots and traditional training ignite on stage to create a breathtaking experience that is part martial art athleticism, part dance, and all rhythm. Drums are hit in a blurring display of skill and agility finding their roots in ancient Japan as a sacred harvest celebration. In addition to experiencing the excitement of the show, the students will also learn about the culture and history of Taiko drumming in Japan and will have the opportunity to play the drums in an interactive session.


Associated Events

FUBUKI DAIKO: Sci Tech Outreach Activity

Sci Tech HS in Springfield
Wednesday, March 9, 2005 High School of Science and Technology, Springfield, MA




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