It's a Flea Market World: New Works by Kelly Moore

Opening Reception: February 11, 5-7pm

It's a Flea Market World: New Works by Kelly Moore

Thursday, February 11 - Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Fully-engaged and totally original, Kelly Moore lives in Santa Fe, where he can be found painting on canvas and paper, as well as on other more unlikely surfaces such as used tubes of paint, discarded paint brushes, wooden boxes, and electrical wiring. His dolls, hung along the sides of his flea market vendor's booth, pop up between paintings of faces, crows, hillsides, and a range of references, marks and gestures that emerge from deep places inside him. His works have a poetic quality, giving back to us what we bring to them. About himself, he says: these are my words eye was born a black crow on the 13th day of a scorpio moon in the foothills of the arkansas ozark mountains to my scottish irish parents dismay... they took me in nonetheless, fed me, clothed me, sent me to schools and tried to domesticate me... eye attempted to live a normal life... finding employment, trying to marry and even voting regularly but failed mostly and when eye reached full crow adulthood realized eye could no longer deny my coyote nature and immediately began turning over tables and rattling the cages folks immediately said eye was crazy and lots complained eye should stop what eye was doin (those is the folks that let you know you is doing something rite) eye knew this was an important breakthrough and immediately started looking for matches and kerosine and have been settin fires ever since thank you for reading my words


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