Forms in Motion

Workshop and Lecture by Nai-Ni Chen and Professor Zhongwei Shen

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

10:00AM at School of Science and Technology in Springfield, MA 3:00PM Fine Arts Center Lobby, UMASS   
Admission is Free Two lectures scheduled

Part of China Festival in 2003- Forms in Motion is a lecture/demonstration workshop developed for audiences to achieve a better understanding of the company's artistry and dance tradition from a linguistic, movement and abstract point of view. The workshop starts with simple Tai-Chi movements to the motion of the brush pen on paper, giving participants the physical and spiritual experience of working with Chinese visual and movement art. Participants will learn to write simple Chinese characters and then translate this experience into movement expression. Zhongwei Shen is an award winning master calligrapher and a professor of Chinese Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Nai-ni chen is an acclaimed Chinese dancer and choreographer who synthesis Chinese and American dance traditions in her work.


Presented in collaboration with the Chinese Language Program in the Springfield Public Schools.