Red Sky Performances: The Great Mountain  Monday, February 3, 10am Bowker Auditorium
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The Great Mountain

Monday, February 3, 10:00 a.m.,
Bowker Auditorium
$7 Ages: Grades 2 – 6

Running Time: 45 minutes plus Q & A
Written and Performed by Red Sky Performances of Toronto, Canada

Young Nuna has started to hear things she can't figure out. Realizing she has inherited the ability to hear the spirits of rushing rivers and soaring mountains, Nuna's grandmother takes her to the river and entrusts her to a boatman who brings her to where a glacier is melting and the spirit of a great mountain weeps. Does Nuna have the power to answer the mountain's cry? In this re-telling of the Native American story of Jumping Mouse, a young girl discovers the transformative power of nature and the importance of courage.

Curriculum Connections: Native-American culture, Environment and climate change, Responsibility to the Earth, Community values, Folk tales and Storytelling, Theatre and Dance


Great Mountain


Artist's website
Facebook: Red Sky Connect
Twitter: @sredskyconnect

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