Gary Burton Master Class/Jazz Improvisation:  

"Having a mind and talent like Gary Burton here was an incredible opportunity for the student body. His clinic was inspiring, and his musical collaboration with Chick Corea and the Brooklyn String Quartet was among the most humbling listening experiences most of us have ever had." Micah Maurio’13G

Arts/Access = IMPACT

When you support the FAC, you support Arts/Access for others.
A single mother of three, struggling financially, has the monthly decision which to pay first, the heating bill or groceries. She receives tickets from the Survival Center to bring her children to a live performance – their first. Observing her children’s joy in the experience brings her renewed energy and hope.
That’s the power that Access provides via our Angel Ticket program.

 Stephen Petronio teaches Master ClassA student learning the principles of dance attends a master class with the artistic director of a nationally renowned dance company. During the class she suddenly experiences the movements of her body like never before. She obtains a greater sense of logic and understanding of the piece. She achieves clarity.

That’s the power that Access provides through our Artist Residency programs.

A young musician is very talented. His instructors all know that he is exceptional and they recommend he attend the FAC’s Jazz in July Summer Music program where students learn from and connect with the country’s top jazz artists/educators. He doesn’t have the financial resources but receives a FAC scholarship to attend. His talent multiplies.
That’s the power of that Access provides through our Jazz In July program.
Twenty-five second graders wind their way into the concert hall to see the power and force of the Tao drummers. For many, it’s the first time in a large theater setting. The buzz and excitement is tangible and then the drumming starts. The children are mesmerized. The next day in class the teacher asks for reactions to the show and there is a flood of opinion, energy, laughter and awe. These children have been touched by the power of the arts. Made possible through Access and our Global Arts program.

Your Gift = Arts/Access

At the Fine Arts Center, we strive to “expose, engage, educate, and inspire” with each Arts/Access program, and it’s your gift that makes the access possible.   

Whether through our Angel Tickets program, Artist in Residency events, Global Arts/daytime performances for K-12 students, visual arts exhibitions or scholarships and internships, FAC provides access to performances & exhibitions, access to artists, and access to education which impact individuals and communities, but these programs are made possible only through the support of people like you. 

No gift is too small to make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you in advance for your support.


Nowhere else in the Valley will you see such a wide range of culturally diverse programs. One week it's a New Orleans jazz icon followed by an internationally acclaimed Chinese pipa player. The next it's the bountiful energy of an acclaimed Brazilian dance troupe or the beautiful sound of a European chamber orchestra. Whether our audience is young or old, rich or poor, students or seniors, the Fine Arts Center delivers the arts from around the world, right to their doorstep.



At the Fine Arts Center we always deliver more than performance. As part of our Arts/Access initiatives, the FAC offers more than 100 free outreach programs annually—ranging from pre-show talks with artists to multi-day Artist in Residency workshops, master classes, one-on-one critiques, panel discussions, and meet-the-artist receptions. All represent invaluable opportunities for you to learn and connect.


Through its annual outreach programs, the FAC creates an ongoing set of opportunities for you to attend, engage, and learn. Whether at a pre-show talk, workshop, or reception you can listen to the artists speak, watch them laugh, and interact with others. You can ask a question, shake their hand, and through the process learn about the artist as people as well as performers. The process adds to your depth of understanding of the people and their art.

We are all inspired in different ways. For some it may come when you view a visual masterpiece or watch a breathtaking dancer. For others it's hearing the powerful precision of a musical performance or the vocals of a favorite singer. When you are exposed to programs from a different culture, genre, or artist you broaden your own perspective, resulting in a greater understanding and appreciation of the power of the arts.