Performed by Theatre de la Jeune Lune


Friday, November 1 - Saturday, November 2, 2002

Bowker Auditorium at 8:00pm   
Tickets: $35, $15; 17 and under $15

Five College Students $15

For 400 years, Shakespeare's famous tragedy of the Prince of Denmark has fascinated theatregoers like no other. A work of primal genius, unsurpassed in the history of Western imaginative literature. Love, madness, envy, hatred, betrayal, murder, and mayhem-the great stuff of art-shot through with transcendent theatricality. And, like poor Yorick, full of "infinite jest."


Based in Minneapolis, Theatre de la Jeune Lune is one of our country's premier theater companies. Dubbed "the elemental Hamlet," in this production none of the four elements of earth, water, fire and air are ever far from the audience's attention.


"stirs theatrical juices like no other company" - American Theatre