I Breathe With You: Part I

- features artwork from the U.S. and over a dozen other countries

This two-part exhibition features artwork from the U.S. and over a dozen other countries. Through paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, digital projections and videos, artists have expressed passionate concerns for equity and justice. 

Earlier in the year, Augusta Savage Gallery issued a Call for Submissions resulting in a wide range of responses. Artists were urged to consider for themselves the following utterance that has now become one of the most recognizable of recent protests: “I can’t breathe.” This cry, made eleven times by Eric Garner, an African American man, while lying face down on the sidewalk after being placed in a police chokehold is the inspiration for works featured in this show, one that reflects a wide range of visual thinking about social change. 

In order to prompt artists to explore the subject we asked these questions:
What form of bias or discrimination has become deplorable to you? What does it look like? Feel like? Who or how are individuals or communities affected? What would best solve this condition?  What steps should we take to eliminate it?  What one act might you perform to improve this condition?  What would full health feel or look like for the one suffering? Other thoughts?

I Breathe With You showcases a plethora of mediums, styles and processes with artists addressing concerns that range from racism and sexism to animal rights and environmental pollution. Augusta Savage Gallery invites the community to support these artists and each other in envisioning a better world.

Participating Artists:
Samaneh Abri
Reyhaneh Afzalian
Josh Alan
Joan Nahigian Appel
Colin Chase
Kelly Clark & Trinh Mai
Stephanie Corne
Rosetta DeBerardinis
Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani
John Devaraj
Farzin Foroutan
Jean Gallagher
Rachel Gugler
Olga Guse
Alen Ilijić
Reza Isapour
Dante Kirkman
Laura Kiselevach
Marie Lopez
Aquila Ayana McCants
Anne Murray
Debra Priestly
Amin Rostamizadeh
Ruth Segaloff
Tania Sen
Hoda Shakibarad
Thomas Steuer
Iffy Tillieu
Tony Wells
Shirley Whitaker

Click here to download the online catalogue(10MB .pdf).