Joe Fonda

with From the Source

Joe Fonda

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Bezanson Recital Hall 8pm   
Students $7 / General $12

Joe Fonda's From the Source is an interdisciplinary music-performance sextet that blurs the boundaries between music, dance and healing by engaging the unusual vocal apparitions of body healer (Vicki Dodd) with the percussive cadence of a tap dancer (Brenda Bufalino). Also featuring: Herb Roberson, trumpet, Gebhard Ullmann, reeds, Rudy Walker, drums and the leader on bass.


Associated Events

Brenda Bufalino Advanced Tap Workshop

February 27, 2004 Smith College Student Center
Ms. Bufalino led two (2) advanced tap dance workshops during the American College Dance Festival, which took place at Smith College, Feb. 27-30, 2004. Residency Partner/Professor: Susan Waltner (Smith College)
Free of charge,