Jose Gonzales and Conjunto de Bomba

An evening of performances

Jose Gonzales and Conjunto de Bomba

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Augusta Savage Gallery   7:00 pm
free and open to the public

Conjunto de Bomba, is an ensemble of musicians, dancers, and drummers from Amherst Regional High School lead by Nick Shaw. This group will present the energetic sights and sounds of Bomba, which is an Afro-Puerto Rican music and dance form of spontaneous movement, where the lead dancer's movements are followed by a lead drummer. As the lead drummer follows the dancer's lead, the accompanying drummers play polyrhythms, while the rest of the group chants in the traditional African ‘call and response" form Over the past haft decade, Conjunto de Bomba has brought this dance to Western Massachusetts through seventy performances at public schools, colleges, and cultural centers. All proceeds are directed to helping students attend semiannual trips to Puerto Rico to study with master instructors. Witnessing direct sources of African Heritage, students achieve a greater understanding of culture and art and offer remuneration to those who have defended that heritage for generations. Guitarist, composer, and virtuoso Cuatro player, Jose Gonzales has made a name for himself as one of the worlds foremost Puerto Rican/ Latin musicians. He has performed all along the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean, as well as recording and performing with some of Latin music's major artists. A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Gonzales has seven self-produced best selling albums and music that has been featured on television and film productions by NBC, CNN and PBS. Jose Gonzales and Conjunto de Bomba offer a sensational evening of Puerto Rican music and dance! Don't miss it!


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