Kristin Nason: 16/28: Places/Years

Kristin Nason: 16/28: Places/Years

Sunday, February 1 - Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hampden Gallery Main Space   
Free and open to the public

The title 16/28 refers to the 16 places 28 years old Umass alumni artist, Kristin Nason has lived. In her artist statement, Nason explains: “Initially, upon beginning the series, my ideas were focused on change- specifically the changes associated with moving and relocation, and their effects on an individual. However, as I began to work I realized it was more accurately about a lack of change. Place and experience shape me, but I move forward with the majority of my innate tendencies and sensibilities intact. In addition, this series attempts to address the rift between one's experience of place, and the detached objectivity of documents that describe only its physical characteristics. The use of only black and white film for the self-portraits, as well as the absence of significant variation of facial expression, suggests limited personal change, while the overlaid color satallite maps point to the place where physical location meets personal experience."


Associated Events

Opening Reception

w/Kristin Nason
Sunday, February 1, 2009 




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