Materialized Curated by Suzan Shutan

September 8 - October 6, 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 8, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Parking Options for Hampden Gallery's Saturday September 7 Workshops and Opening Reception on Sunday September 8th:
Due to a football game on Saturday September 7th, parking around Hamden Gallery may look different than usual.
Options: Park in lot 33 on University Drive. Look for lawn signs saying HAMPDEN GALLERY PARKING
cross the street and walk up to Hampden Building.
Park in the Robsham Visitors Center and make the short walk to the gallery.
Both options are free on Sunday, September 8.

We are living in a twenty first century of diversification and descent. Art is defying and celebrating traditional systems of structure and process. New forms and material properties create intersections of constructed and found, two and three dimensions, painting and sculpture. Work can be both deliberate and random. The artists explore material, color and form in contemporary art with great skill and manipulation, each constructing a personal and formal language that melds material, dimension and process with resonating forms that rupture our notion of space and how an artwork must function.

Sarah Braman, MA,
Carolyn Clayton, MA,
Jaynie Gillman Crimmins, NY,
Karen Dolmanisth, MA,
Lorrie Fredette, NY,
Carla Goldberg, NY,
Sean Greene, MA,
Bob Gregson, CT,
Ruth Hardinger, NY,
Susan Knight, NE,
Michael Kukla, NY,
Laura Moriarty, NY,
Helen O’Leary, NJ,
Antonia Perez, NY,
judy Pfaff, NY,
Patrice Yourdon, NY,
Jayoung Yoon, NY,
Derrick Velasquez, CO,

Hampden Gallery Workshops and Portfolio Review

Saturday, September 7, 2019
1 PM TO 2 PM: Drawn Through Space with Karen Dolmanisth
2 PM TO 3 PM: Plastic Weaving with Antonia Perez
3 PM TO 4 PM  Dynamic Paper Cutting with Susan Knight

Karen Domanish
Drawn Through Space with Karen Dolmanisth

This workshop will explore the process of using repurposed and natural materials, as elements of spatial drawing, to create a sculptural environment. The group will work collaboratively and then independently to spatially draw with the materials Dolmanisth has gathered at a location near the gallery. The group will engage with the process of thinking on one’s feet, while stepping back and considering the space of a physical environment as one’s canvas, to arrange, compose and conceptualize a sculptural Spatial Drawing, from within. Each participant will share the experience of making a “materialized” Drawing in Space within this collaborative group process. While sharing open dialogue, the group will collaborate on a sculptural installation that emerges through a series of guided exercises. Documenting ones work through the stages of the artistic process is as integral a part of the work of art as the physical forms in space themselves. Please bring a camera of your choice. The work of art lives on in the series of photographs that document an intuitive creative process and the life cycle of the sculpture, as well as in each artist’s transformative experience of making a temporal, continually evolving, work of art.
Free Workshop
Bring a camera of your choice
Limit 10 Participants
Location: Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Date: September 7, 2019
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Antonia Perez
Plastic Weaving with Antonia Perez

Participants in this workshop will use brightly colored plastic strips made from
repurposed store bags to create small weavings on wide notched cardboard looms.
They will learn how to cut the plastic yarn, warp the loom, weave it and remove the
weaving from the loom.
All materials provided
Free Workshop
Limit 6 participants
Location: Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Date: September 7, 2019
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Susan Knight
Dynamic Paper Cutting with Susan Knight

Participants will create hand cut templates to use towards developing multiple patterned forms.
The goal is to arrange and layer the multiples into surprising, improvisational designs.
MATERIALS: The following materials will be provided free of charge to participants :Xacto knife, 2 or 3 extra blades, good scissors, and a supply of paper to work with. Participants should bring the following to the workshop: Papers that are strong enough to cut but easy to cut through. Suggestions: any color, any size wrapping papers, scrap papers, business papers for recycling, magazines, packing papers.
Free Workshop
Limit of attendance - 10
Location: Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Date: September 7, 2019
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Susan Shutan
Speed Critique for Creatives with curator Suzan Shutan

20-30 minute portfolio reviews with curator Suzan Shutan
Register for 20 min portfolio reviews with with current Hampden Gallery Installation Artist, Curator,
Educator and Activist Suzan Shutan.
September 7, 1:30 pm- 3:30 pm
How does your work rank in the broader context of the global art world? Are you on the right track? If your wishing to receive honest feedback about your work and how to move it forward to meet your life goals, then sign up now for a 20 minute portfolio review with current Hampden Gallery Installation Artist, Curator, Educator and Activist Suzan Shutan.
Depending on your work, bring 10 images of your work 5 recent and 5 within past 3 years, or 2 three minute videos, other materials acceptable but no long reading materials. Put all on a thumb drive.

Shutan is an Artist Mentor for low residency programs throughout New England. She formerly served as a Municipal Public Art Director and a Museum Education Director. She has been a panelist and juror for many arts organizations including the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, and Artists Talk on Art NYC. Shutan has served on various boards such as the Visual Arts Advisory Committee for the New Haven Arts Council and the Housatonic Museum and has been a keynote speaker for many organizations. She has exhibited throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States with recent commissioned work at LogMeIn headquarters in Boston and Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC.


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