Mazowsze is a Thrilling Display of Dazzling Movement, Vibrant Color and Stunning Beauty


Wednesday, November 17

Concert Hall   7:30 pm
$30, $25, $15; Five College/GCC/STCC students and youth 17 and under: $10

An ensemble of 90 dancers, musicians, and singers, mazowsze is a thrilling display of dazzling movement, vibrant color and stunning beauty. Mazowsze whirls, leaps, stamps and glides in a glorious outpouring of sound and motion, rhythm, and music that celebrates the cultural legacy of Poland. A full 23-member orchestra performs music ranging from Chopin to simple folk melodies beloved by the Poles for centuries.



"The material that the singers and dancers present - 28 numbers here - is lilting and vigorous, and filled with humor. But most of all, the Mazowsze performers look genuinely pleased and proud to be doing what they do. Their delight in themselves and the audience is infectious" (The New York Times ).


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Associated Events

Pre-Show Polish Cultural Celebration

A Celebration of Polish Culture
Wednesday, November 17 FAC Concert Hall Lobby

,6:30 pm