Michael Zansky

Michael Zansky
American Panopticon Curated by David Gibson

Hampden Gallery: February 26 – March 29, 2012
Opening Reception February 26 from 2 Pm To 5 Pm

Michael Zansky has had numerous museum and gallery exhibitions throughout the U.S., and abroad. His installations are diverse, with themes that address everything from social and psychological issues, to modern cosmology.

What the Critics are Saying About Michael Zansky...

“Zansky sees the uncertainty of it all as an element of humor, like a dog chasing its tail. In a sense, it is like the experience of Renaissance perspective when it was new, and the human came up against the cognitive uncertainty of experiencing space in a new way.”
Thomas McEvilley

“Zansky’s more contemplative work invites rather than invades – drawing us in to a series of miniature universes, like utopian spaces that mirror the real world…”
Edward Epstein

“Michael Zansky, sculptor and mixed-media master, whose work was seen recently at ARCO in Madrid, exhibited some of his free standing kinetic constructions, where motors, lenses and cast shadows require the viewer to look, and look again. Hanging near these prototype sculptures were large color photographs–digital prints of outdoor scenes. Once again Zansky made use of lenses in unique ways–here to distort only selected pictorial elements–with hallucinatory results.”
Ardis Grosjean