Michelle DeMarco

Ice Jellies: Moistmedia Paintings

Michelle DeMarco

Thursday, March 31 - Monday, April 18

Hampden Studio Gallery   


Artists Statement:
This new body of work, Ice Jellies, is a process of sketches and experimental fusion works on aluminum and plexiglass. Moistmedia describes an emerging substrate for art beyond the post-digital era. We live in a world which encompasses both, the biological and the digital. It is intended to contribute to our shared conversation on climate change. I"m thinking about this new grid we are creating, the smart grid for energy distribution. I'm thinking about how ice and jelly fish each appear lit from within which leads me to the idea of bioluminescence and the light within each human heart. Maybe what we can do is create a grid from the light inside each of us. From the vision each of us holds in our hearts of a new world.

Opening Reception:
March 31st from 5pm to 7pm
at Hampden Gallery


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