The Birth of Monkey King: Chinese Shadow Puppets

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The Birth of Monkey King: Chinese Shadow Puppets

Tuesday, October 9 - Wednesday, October 10 2007

Bowker Auditorium   from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Adults $8; Students $6


The Birth of Monkey King is an adaptation of the 17th century Chinese literary masterpiece, Journey to the West.

The dozens of vibrantly colored shadow puppet projections are combined with live performers to tell the tale of Sun Wu Kung, (a.k.a Monkey King). Made up of a combination of characteristics-wise sage, cosmic prankster, shape-shifting magician and unbeatable martial artist, Sun Wu Kung is the hero of this tale. Monkey King is Jackie Chan, Gandalf, Superman and Bugs Bunny rolled into one. Join this fantastic simian troublemaker as he gathers his superpowers and causes such a cosmic ruckus that eventually Buddha must intervene to take him down!


Appropriate for Grades 3 and up


Both shows sold out!



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