Release the Moorings: Christine Texiera

January 26 - February 28, 2020
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 26 from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.


Artist Statement:

This series contemplates flight and transportation as a metaphor for personal change. In these pieces, the sleek dirigibles and birds become entangled in their environment, halting their potential for loft. The focal images have the potential to rise, but their surrounding milieu interrupts them.

The work is given physical depth and a sense of momentum by building layers of clear medium over images rendered in acrylic paint. This achieves the aim of creating lightness, while fostering a sense that the elements might be able to break free.

This body of work took shape as a response to my experience as a foster parent. Like the animals and objects in this series, families living with trauma struggle to break free of all the entanglements that ensnare them. Witnessing this process can be bitter and heartbreaking for the whole family, and yet—sometimes they all rise.

We are living in a twenty first century of diversification and descent. Art is defying and celebrating traditional systems of structure and process. New forms and material properties create intersections of constructed and found, two and three dimensions, painting and sculpture. Work can be both deliberate and random. The artists explore material, color and form in contemporary art with great skill and manipulation, each constructing a personal and formal language that melds material, dimension and process with resonating forms that rupture our notion of space and how an artwork must function.
Painting of Heron Flying

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Pour and More: A one day workshop led by Christine Texiera.
Sunday 2/9 2:30-4:30 PM Free but space is limited.
Learn Christine’s paint pouring technique, how to prepare a panel, mix paint & mediums, pour and complete a painting. Materials will be provided however participants are encouraged to bring in additional acrylic paints that they may have.

Due to the drying time involved with the clear medium, participants will be given supplies to complete their projects at home.