Mythologies by Rina Goldfield

October 13 to November 6, 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday, October 13, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Rina Goldfield Artist Statement:
I paint immenseness and smallness, often together. I paint totems and monuments: huge mountains, blocky buildings, ancient columns. I also paint small onlookers and cohabitors: little worms, agape eyeballs, goofy vegetables. There is a sweep of hugeness, but also of wonkiness and humor.

The scale of the work itself is small-to-medium: I never make an artwork larger than my body. I do not want to physically overwhelm the viewer. This is my “small” feminist rebellion.
In my art practice, then, I try to create power and vastness within a small frame.

Rina Goldfield Bio:
I grew up in a house filled with books and surrounded by bears. The house, which was built as a summer camp cabin at a Methodist retreat, was also home to mice and flying squirrels. The foundation cut away to the mountain beneath, and my brother and I spent days climbing the giant rock that loomed in our first floor. Our house was one of one hundred similarly odd summer camp cabins. We owned the land communally with the families in the other cabins.

I moved to New York City when I was 18 years old. I currently live in Queens, in a two-story rowhouse with a roommate and formerly two cats. Our house has shiny purple walls and a yard filled with compost, raspberries, and snow. We organize art shows in our basement that are open to all.