Nori: Korean Drums And Music

by Sang-min Lu & Company

Nori:  Korean Drums And Music

Friday, November 14, 2003

Bowker Auditorium at 10 am   
Adults $7; Age 17 & under & Five College Students: $5

Poongmul-Nori is a dynamic mixture of traditional Korean drumming, dance, ritual, theater, and entertainment. Rooted in the ancient agricultural traditions of Korea, the exuberant drumming and joyous movement of Nori is believed to have the power to heal, improve health, and shower blessings and peace on all. Colorful costumes, special hats, scarves, and props all serve to present a visually arresting performance that encourages the audience to get on their feet. A totally unique show, one not to be missed by anyone interested in world cultures.