L.G. Talbot: Resist

January 27 - February 10 | Opening Reception: Sunday, January 27, 2 pm - 4 pm

TL.G. Talbot’s paintings are six feet or greater in any direction. These larger-than-life sized works feature pared down figurative images that are rendered in a bold palette of 2-4 colors. In titling her exhibition “Resist”, Talbot positions the painted figure as an icon of strength and resistance. 

Artist Statement:
I studied ceramics and sculpture as an undergraduate. I continued in this medium until five years ago when I needed a complete change. Stonewalled with surfaces and wanting more from my art, I started applying paints to the surface. I was not satisfied. My sculptures were too large for the kiln and I wanted a grander size. One day in my studio I started throwing clay at the wall which was 15 feet by 20 feet. I began using house paints, Indian ink, and color to achieve the surface that I could not achieve with clay. I started using oil paints which I briefly had done in graduate school but now threw myself into. I sold all my ceramic supplies. I was done. I began the next part of my life, oil painting. I love the bright and bold colors that I can achieve through the medium.


My work is energy and pure expression of images that explode onto the canvases. The painting process itself becomes a performance. I pace the room to obtain the perspective necessary for the images to reveal themselves, come forward and speak to me. My paintings are six feet or greater challenging the viewer with human proportions. They are bold and bound by nothing but pure assertion and confidence. Often figural, they stand alone, vibrant and unashamed. My paintings speak volumes. The work commands a room and insists to be seen. The paints engage with desire and jump from the canvas - resist, love and live are some of the words they convey for me. My work stands bravely.

L.G. Talbot Immigrated from Alberta, Canada to Charlottesville, VA, and went on to receive a B.F.A. in sculpture and studied abroad in Cortona, Italy. She studied ceramics with Kris Nelson at Appalachian Craft Center in TN for a year, and attended Penland School of Craft where she studied ceramics with Robert Turner. Talbot earned a graduate degree from Lesley College in Expressive Therapies. Her recent exhibits include Monster Arts Project at M.A.P Space in Easthampton, MA and a solo exhibition Atwood Gallery in Northampton, MA.