Sandglass Theater: Rock the Boat

Sunday, November 22, 2020 3:00 p.m. ET
Online Video Premiere followed by artist Q&A

Rock the Boat
is a puppet show for young audiences that explores themes of refugees, inclusion and respectful curiosity. A Poet in a boat, alone at sea, observing his routines suddenly finds his home filling with new characters seeking shelter and safety. Each, we learn, has fled some disaster: war, fire or flood. As all the newcomers and the Poet navigate life together on the vessel, they meet conflict, generosity, kindness and questions about who each other are. The Poet’s poems become richer and deeper, and the unlikely collection of beings learn to steer threatening waters together. Rock the Boat aims to get young audiences thinking about relocation and displacement by addressing attitudes about acceptance of those who come from other countries and cultures. The production provides a narrative in which there is room for everyone in an inclusive society.


This performance is part of our REIMAGINE RESIDENCIES SERIES, a new residency program working with nationally-recognized artists, and dedicated to addressing contemporary social issues through performance, education, and outreach activities. More deeply, artists are asked what it means to be engaged with their art form as well as community and the public in this historical moment, and to allow that inquiry to serve as the impetus behind their residency. The Reimagine Residences Series is supported by Applewood & Loomis Communities.