For Living Lovers

Brandon Ross and Stomu Takeishi

An acoustic music duo by New York veteran musicians guitarist Brandon Ross and bassist Stomu Takeishi

October 11, 2011 7pm

Augusta Savage Gallery

The exquisite improvising duo featuring guitarist/composer Brandon Ross and acoustic bass guitarist, Stomu Takeishi speaks a musical language the pair describe as “breathing.” Their sound is carved from the essence of improvisation, illuminating the beauty, depth and intimacy of dialogue. Ross’s compositions highlight the sonorities of his acoustic guitar/banjo/soprano guitar and Takeishi’s acoustic bass guitar, showcase a euphonious string texture unique among string pairings in modern improvised, creative music. The foundations of folk, traditional and contemporary music forms can be felt in the sound of the duo, and yet something “unheard” before, is undeniable and intoxicating: Modern Chamber Music for Improvisers.


Brandon Ross developed as an improvising guitarist and composer/arranger in the ensembles of Henry Threadgill; Leroy Jenkins; Oliver Lake; Cassandra Wilson; Harriet Tubman: the band; Lizz Wright and many others.  


Stomu Takeishi has been a key member in the ensembles of Paul Motian; Henry Threadgill; Cuong Vu; Myra Melford, Erik Friedlander and many others.


For Living Lovers first CD release, “Revealing Essence” will appear in early 2012, on TBA Records.