Scenes from the Ramayana in Kathakali Dance Theater

Spirit And Soul Series

Scenes from the Ramayana in Kathakali Dance Theater

Friday, October 15

Bowker Auditorium   4:30 pm
Free and open to the public

Three outstanding artists from India's most prestigious dance academy The Kerala Kalamandalam present a lecture demonstration bringing to life the mythic characters from the story of Ramayana. Be enthralled as the dancer C. Shanmukham portrays the role of Hanuman (divine Monkey), Ravana (demon king) and other beings with vividly painted face and in an incredible costume by traditional artist Mr. Sukumaran. The accompanying narrative by KalaMandalam scholar Vishwanath Kaladharan will relate the incidents in the story.

Kathakali is a spectacular combination of drama, dance, music and ritual that is rarely seen in the West. This will be a first time presentation of this art form in the Five College area.


Associated Events

Make-up and Costume workshop with Sukumaran

Recommended for Theater students
Friday, October 15 

,1:00 pm to 4:00 pm



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