Sergei Fedorjaczenko: Pipe Dreams   October 5 – 31, 2014 Opening Reception: Sunday, October 5 from 2 - 4 pm
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Sergei Fedorjaczenko
Pipe Dreams

Gallery Lobby
Nov 2 , 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday, Nov. 2, 2 - 4 pm

Born in Heidelberg Germany, Fedorjaczenko came to the United States when he was four years old. His family lived in New York City until he was fourteen at which time they moved to Connecticut. He served in the US Army as an Army photographer, studied engineering then switched and received a degree in Industrial Design. In his career in Industrial Design Fedorjaczenko’s designs ranged from toys, interiors, small appliances, guns and cosmetic packaging. He holds four design patents and trademarks. During his design career he became involved with the use of computers in the design process and pioneered the application of computer graphics in Industrial Design and engineering. Fedorjaczenko has always been interested in cars and has been restoring and racing vintage sports cars for over thirty-five years. Not satisfied with just building and flying model airplanes he earned his Privet Pilot license so he could fly the real thing. Since retiring and moving to Falls Village Connecticut with Zoë, his wife of forty two years, to live in and work on their 1730 house he has enjoyed the beauty and diversity of the Connecticut Northwest corner. He has been past president of the Housatonic Camera Club and is a member of the Housatonic Valley Art League.  He has had two solo shows  and his photographs, paintings and sculptures have been displayed in shows in the Tri-state area and are in private collections.

Artist Statement

As an Industrial Designer I spent most of my career designing consumer and industrial products, interiors and displays. My designs had to look good, function well, be manufacturable and economical to produce. I spent some time painting and sculpting but constraints of a full time career, raising a family and too many hobbies did not leave as much time as I would have liked to pursue art. Since retirement I have devoted more time to both painting and sculpting and am beginning to develop a style and philosophy for both. While many of my works have roots in technical fields and showcase the kind of beauty that can be found in industrial and man-made objects I am also exploring a more whimsical and playful side of my imagination. By combining the two I am hoping to showcase a unique way of looking at the world.


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