Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Concert Hall   7:30 pm
$35, $25, $15; Youth 17 and Under: $10

Five College Students: $15, $10, $7

The 2005 Grammy winner for "Best Salsa Album," the Spanish Harlem Orchestra has quickly established itself as one of the pillars of contemporary Latin music. Using the most accomplished players in the New York Latino community, pianist and arranger Oscar Hernandez carries on the tradition with outstanding performers like Ray De La Paz, Willie Torres, and Marco Bermudez handling vocals as well as many of the top musicians on the Latin music scene.

Watching these crack musicians rev up their complex, precision polyrhythms and fie up five-part horn harmonies is as thrilling as riding a horse that suddenly breaks into a gallop. The near-anarchic, party-like climax gave fans a final lesson in classic salsa: Never leave before its over. Los Angeles Times

Concert Hall at 7:30pm


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