Common Threads: Fabric & Traditional Asian Garment Design

Spirit and Soul Series

Spirit and Soul Series

Friday, April 11, 2003

3:30 - 5:00PM at Campus Center, 10th Floor, UMASS   
Tickets: $10

A lecture, slide presentation, and fashion show features the work of textile and clothing designer Leonore Alaniz. Imposing upon herself to use her handwoven and leaf imprinted fabrics as entity, Leonore describes her interpretation of traditional Asian garment construction, specifically the Japanese Kimono and the Indian Sari. In both of these as well as other ethnic attire, the integrity of fabric and the garment are regarded as one artistic composition that embellishes the human form. Leonore accomplishes the same in her collection diagami. Her dresses, skirts and jackets spiral diagonally revealing origami as a pattern influence. Garments are sewn of exclusive fabrics ranging from bold and richly colored wovens to gossamer silks that bear imprints of Gingko leaves. As a special feature for this presentation, Leonore will create a new collection of garments /costumes based on Asian and European mythic and dramatic characters which will be modeled and shown during her talk. There will be an opportunity to view the garments at the end of her talk. An exhibit and sale area will feature scarves and other wearables by Leonore and unique hats and helmets by a fellow artisan Matt Newman. Both designers were granted patents for their innovative wearables.


Presented in partnership with the University Catering Services.

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